Pharmacognosy and Ethnomedicine

Pharmacognosy is that the branch of information involved with medicative medication obtained from plants or alternative natural sources. Most of the presently used therapy medication for cancers are acknowledged to develop resistance, exhibit non-selective toxicity against traditional cells and prohibit by dose-limiting facet effects. Hence, cancer treatment and the development of medicine for this malady stay a significant clinical challenge. On the opposite hand, plants are associated in nursing exceptionally viable supply of biological active natural merchandise which will function commercially vital entities in themselves or which can give lead structures for the event of changed derivatives possessing increased activity and /or reduced toxicity in treatment of cancer. Flavourer medicines are currently attracting attention as potential sources of malignant neoplasm agents and are wide used because of handiness of the materials, affordability, comparatively low-cost and small or no facet effects, wide relevancy and therapeutic effectivity that successively has accelerated the research


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